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In the modern world, having a good corporate vision is extremely important for the successful development and realization of the business.


"VS BULGARIA" and "VESSY STYLE - VS" build a long-term partnership with you by providing a high quality online business solutions, software development, art and design solutions, printed production, both uniform and business clothing, web applications, , complete advertising campaigns with excellent service tailored to your individual requirements. Organization and implementation of exhibitions in the country and abroad.

Our mission is to create qualitative visual identity for our customers at an affordable price that corresponds to the maxim - price-quality.

If created conceptually the visual marketing elements are a powerful elements of transmitting your business messages and memorizing them to current and future customers.

Images are much more persistent in our consciousness than the spoken messages. Therefore, they are the key to marketing, whether it is a one-time campaign or long-term corporate identity.


We are a Bulgarian company that started its activity in 2008. A team of people with years of experience with a creative approach united by their efforts and opportunities have laid the foundations for a quality and modern service - building a complete corporate identity in almost all possible directions.

The company is registered as a trading company with subject of activity: web design, graphic design, prepress, preparation of all kinds of advertising materials, production of ready-made clothes, knitwear, domestic and foreign trade.

The company is in excellent partnership with leading printing houses in the country and abroad, which allows the effective implementation of each advertising campaign. We offer excellent conditions for collaborative work of publishers, media and advertising agencies, distribution and production capacity.


The development and expansion of the team has always been a top priority in our managers and managers. Today, the company employs highly qualified specialists, distributed in the following units:

Project manager

Director production base

Graphic and web designers

Developers / back and front-end developers / tester

Phone and online support

Engineers for construction projects

Professional modelers and tailors in the production base


The Expansion of the team of specialists and our excellent partnership with leaders in their industries allow the company to accumulate know-how in many of the most dynamic and significant economic sectors. Today we have specific experience and completed projects in the segments: wholesale and retail, software development, printing industry, design and prepress, textiles, construction and assembly activities, audio and multimedia, transport and others. That's why it was decided to separate the two key production and advertising segments and narrowly specialize as two distinct companies with partner relationships.

Since the beginning of 2014 "VESSY STYLE - VS" started a policy for distribution and expansion of the production base. This has allowed us to attract new customers and offer a greater variety of end products, military clothing, uniforms, promotional clothing and individual solutions, embroidery, sieve and flexo printing.

On the other hand, "VS BULGARIA" specializes entirely in corporate services and online development for medium and large business, corporate solutions, online campaigns, software systems development, internal use stickers, configurators of different complexity.

 Construction and production of exhibition stands and complete organization of exhibitions, display for halls in the country and abroad, delivery, installation and dismantling. The complete graphic, pre-printed and printed production is planned from idea and project to physical realization, printing, packing, delivery and distribution.


The client needs professional consulting, combined with the strength and effectiveness of practical experience. Our systematic consistency over the years gives us the right to associate as a stable and serious partner in your eyes.

We are developing together with your business and our joint work. Thanks to their long-term commitment, today "VS BULGARIA" and "VESSY STYLE - VS" have dozens of clients, many of whom are among the leaders in their economic areas. Our solutions have been trusted by companies such as Bayer Bulgaria, Schneider Electric Bulgaria, Yavor Furniture, Aloe Co and ERP Bulgaria, Ecos Medica, Nickm tubular furniture, Schneider Electric Bulgaria, "Apart Hotel Lucky Bansko", "Nord Holding", "Balkan Services", "Neterra", "Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria", as well as many other small and big companies.


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Нова технология за България в изработката на банкови и фирмени карти

phone tablet

"ВЕСИ СТИЛ" изненада за празниците своите клиенти с платинени, златни и сребърни карти за намаление... Иновативната концепция обединява..

Основателят на ВЕСИ СТИЛ с участие по Българската национална телевизия


Инж. Васил Бояджиев посъветва младите хора да потърсят това, в което са добри и да не се страхуват да се пробват в бизнеса...

Бъдещето на маркетинга: Японци създадоха голям екран от смартфони и таблети

phone tablet

Учени от Технологичния университет в Токио представиха уникална технологична концепция, която позволява създаването на един голям екран чрез...



Ученици помагат на ученици с коледния благотворителен концерт на 119 СОУ „Академик Михаил Арнаудов“ в София


Проявата събра на една сцена народен ансамбъл, модерен балет, хип-хоп танци и детски песни.

Ученици помагат на ученици с благотворителния Великденски концерт...


Проявата събра на една сцена фолклорни изпълнители, модерни танци и бийтбоксъри...

Благотворителен концерт за нуждаещите се деца

windows 8

Учениците на 119 СОУ “Акад. Михаил Арнаудов” организират благотворителен концерт, Вход: 3 лева

Наградиха специалист от Студио "ВЕСИ СТИЛ" на изложба „Новата София“ 

windows 8 

Екипът на Студио за Уеб и Графичен Дизайн „ВЕСИ СТИЛ“ получи важно признание за своята експертиза в сферата на дизайна и проектантските дейности...


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